Engineer Kevin Foley shares some insight into his career with KPC International, so far.

What is your background and how did you get into engineering?

A. I chose to study engineering because of the opportunities it offered to work across a broad number of industries.

How did you get into the industry after college?

A. I got into the industry when I applied for a job as a graduate with KPC after speaking to some of my classmates a couple of months after completing my degree.

Can you give us some insight your career with KPC International so far?

A. During my time with KPC I have worked on 3 different projects. These projects have been spread over 3 different countries. This creates the chance to get the experience of working with people from multiple cultures. This also in itself brings some challenges due to cultural differences.

The first project I worked on was quite daunting as I started on this a few months after I graduated. This was a project managed and run by KPC with a relatively small team. This resulted in a lot of new challenges but guidance from the Lead Engineers was always available.

The second project I worked on was somewhat different as the project was not managed by KPC. Even though the they were not on site, assistance was again easily accessible from Senior colleagues when required.

What do you feel are the best aspects about your role with KPC International?

A. My favourite aspects about my role and about working at KPC International are the opportunity to travel and the increased responsibility I was given earlier in my career.  The experience I gained on my first project helped me to progress quicker in my career.

The benefits of working with KPC International include getting to experience working with multiple nationalities and personalities and getting the chance to travel to countries where I was located for work.

One of the major perks of working abroad is the chance to travel to places I probably would not have visited if I didn’t live in the locations I had travelled to through KPC with work.

What are some of the challenges you face or have faced in your career so far?

A. One of the main challenges in my career was outside the work environment as I have relocated to Hungary and Singapore in the last six and a half years. Another challenge is working in a cross-functional team with multiple disciplines.

What is your favourite aspect about the company culture here at KPC International?

A. KPC offers you the chance for increased responsibility within your role and help and guidance is always available from senior colleagues.

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