About Us

KPC International was founded in Cork, Ireland in 2001 by John Devlin to support the Biotech and Pharma industries in their Commissioning & Qualification activities.

Since then, KPC has gone from strength to strength and has developed into a leading ISO9001 accredited supplier of Managed Projects Services & Consultancy/Seconded Services for all stages in Biotech & Pharma Plant Start-up; from Design & Construction Project Management to C&Q, Tech Transfer & Operational Readiness to Sustainability.

In delivering our Managed Project Services we provide cost certainty, excellent in expertise and integration to our Clients, therefore ensuring project success and sustainability even after we leave site.

KPC’s HQ is based in the NSC Campus, Mahon, Cork. We also have offices in Switzerland, Singapore, USA, UK and the Benelux.

What Drives us…?

There isn’t any of us that hasn’t been touched by illness or disease in some way or form. The drug development road is long and paved with pitfalls and rejections. We may have seen it in ourselves, loved ones, family or friends. We may have felt the fear and anxiety that comes with looking for an answer and the elation that comes with the hope of a solution.

To achieve a solution for a patient requires significant successes from Science to Engineering, Quality and Project Management.

At KPC we believe that our experience in the building and start-up of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities can expedite getting those life changing products to patients. We believe that our experience can help deliver sustainability to facilities. We believe we can deliver schedule certainty and excellence from concept to completion.

Our team have broad experience in both clinical and commercial supply, with a proven successful track record with some of the top industry leaders across Europe and the US, delivering high quality projects in the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical industries.

The KPC Philosophy

Strong Relationships with our clients, employees and partners is a key element to the success of our projects. We bridge the gap between Engineering/Construction Organizations and the Client/Owners/Project & Operations, ensuring a holistic view is maintained from design to sustainability, Concept to Completion.

We adopt a Win:Win approach, employing the best Technical and Best Fit people, continuously encouraging improvement and innovative thinking to ensure the greatest options for clients and the best experience and adventure for our employees.

A foundation of integration, cultural awareness and knowledge sharing contributes to our successful delivery of projects in international locations and with multiple organizations, from large scale multinationals to CMOs.