What is your background and how did you get into engineering?
I studied Bachelor Science in Biotechnology in one of the University in Malaysia and I choose bioprocessing engineering as my final year module. I always get excited with the design and development processes for the manufacturing of products from biological material. Because I can see the products after putting all my effort producing it! So, I knew this module would offer me to understand better about the conglomerate of mathematics, and industrial design like designing of bioreactors and study of fermentation processes (mode of operations etc.)

How did you get into the industry after college?
After I finished my final year, I joined Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Special Training (BeST) Programme organized by Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation. This program is to nurturing biotechnology talents with an intensive, structured programme for graduates with enthusiasm and deep interest to join the biotechnology industry. It is a good platform for graduates to understand industrial expectations and grooming themselves  to achieve those expectations. After that program, I was offered to work with biopharmaceutical company producing human insulin as Junior Associate for Production Drug Substance department in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This is where I started my career in this industry! After that, I pursue my consultant career in Singapore and worked with few biopharmaceutical companies before I decided to join KPC.

Can you give us some insight your career with KPC International so far?
My career with KPC began early this year and it has been great so far. To be offered to work with KPC is a blessed but moving out from my comfort zone to other side of the world and start all over, it was difficult and terrifying. It could be harder without the supports gave by KPC to ensure that I am settling well into life in Ireland and I am grateful for that. I have opportunity to work in KPC’s office for few months and I can see that they have a vision to be a better organisation. Of course, there is always a room for improvement, but they always listen and be transparent with me which is something that I treasure the most. Everyone in KPC is friendly and doing their best to help each other. This creates a truly spirit of cooperation where everybody is there for each other.

What do you feel are the best aspects about your role with KPC International?
The variability of my job is what gets me up in the morning because each project presents unique challenges. Different clients have their own requirements and we must be built a solid bridge to make sure all those requirements correspond to regulatory guidelines. It is always changing and always evolving, and I get the front seats learning those things. It teaches me to be more open and flexible with work. If one way doesn’t work, choose different ways to make it work. Apart from that, I get the opportunity to travel and experience working with different nationalities. It is a bonus! People say “who lives sees much. who travels sees more”

What are some of the challenges you face or have faced in your career so far?
Working as a consultant, it is challenging because we provide service to different clients in different projects. Most of the time, we are battling with time because client would expect an exceptional quality of work to be completed in a stipulated time (read: short time *wink). But this is what make thing interesting because I love the feeling of accomplishment every time I am up against a deadline. Having a boss that always thanks me for the work I do inspire me to appreciate my co-worker more. I always reminded myself to give them compliments after the hard work they invested because I know it will make a lot of difference. The other challenge is to be apart from my family. Long distance relationship is no fun and can be very tough. Pandemic situation and all the restrictions make it worse. But I always believe that God is the best of planners. We will soon be reunited and together, I hope that we will begin our life here.

How would you describe Life at KPC?
Work life balance. I love that I have a great degree and freedom within my job. I know client would trust me to produce high quality work So, I work hard to maintain that level of trust.

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