Welcome to the heart of our commitment to positive change – our Sustainability Champions. As stewards of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, our diverse and dedicated team of professionals is at the forefront of driving sustainability initiatives within our organization. Formed of team members with a passion for making a lasting impact, the Sustainability Committee works to implement actionable steps aligned with our ESG strategy. Get to know the faces behind our sustainability efforts and explore how we’re shaping a more responsible and conscientious future for KPC and the communities we touch.

Elva O’Conaire
Elva O’ConaireTechnical Consultant
Elva O’Conaire, holds an Honours Science degree from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, and an M.Sc. in Neuropharmacology from the National University of Ireland, Galway. She currently serves as a Project Manager and Technical Services Consultant at KPC, specialising in project management, remote team and stakeholder management, organizational development, tech transfer and operational readiness, and pre-feasibility studies.

Diversifying her skills, Elva completed coaching, client relationship management, leadership development, and Project Management Professional Exam Prep courses. As a Project Manager for KPC’s Sustainability Committee, Elva collaborates on ESG strategies, ensuring the company’s sustainable progress by aligning efforts with economic, environmental, social, and governance pillars. Together, the committee works towards impactful sustainability goals, fostering positive change within KPC and the broader community.

Clara Amarante
Clara AmaranteSustainability and People Development Officer
While Clara’s expertise primarily lies in People and Talent, the prevailing Climate and Environment crisis has motivated her to venture into the challenging yet rewarding and captivating realm of Sustainability. Collaborating with fellow Sustainability Committee members, she strives to establish the foundation for a robust company ESG strategy aligned with key UN ESG Goals. The overarching objective is to foster a low-carbon economy and an inclusive society.

Clara’s responsibilities within the Sustainability Committee are intricately linked to her role in the Wellness and Engagement Committee, as numerous ESG initiatives are funnelled through the latter. The shared goal is to create a positive and enduring impact on both our company and the broader community.

David O Sullivan
David O SullivanChief Product Officer
David joined KPC in 2023 as Chief Product Officer and has over fifteen years’ experience managing strategic partnerships within the Healthcare (Bio/Pharma & Medical Device) industry. Educationally, David holds an Honours Degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Neuroscience from University College Cork. Complementing his academic background, he holds Diplomas in Business Administration (London School of Business and Finance) and Supply Chain Management (Irish Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management).

Motivated by a desire to make a meaningful difference and contribute to a more sustainable future, David joined KPC’s sustainability committee to collaborate with like-minded individuals and drive positive change within our organization.

Sinead Hall
Sinead HallQuality Manager
Sinead Hall is KPC’s Quality Manager, who is responsible for implementation and maintenance of the company’s ISO9001 certification. Sinead’s quality-focused approach has significantly contributed to the development of the KPC sustainability framework.

Quality management systems provide a structured and systematic approach to managing processes. Applying this methodology to sustainability initiatives ensures that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are integrated into day-to-day operations with the same level of rigor as quality management. The incorporation of sustainability metrics into the current quality management system, enables KPC to track progress, set targets, and communicate our sustainability achievements to stakeholders. This integrated approach enhances overall business performance and has helped to create a more responsible and resilient business.

Malcolm Goggin
Malcolm GogginGlobal Development Director
Malcolm assumed the role of Global Development Director at KPC in September 2023, and has a keen interest in sustainability. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. scholarship, his research focuses on decarbonizing single-use plastics in biopharmaceutical manufacturing, aiming to pioneer sustainability initiatives globally. Malcolm frequently contributes at industry events and forums as a speaker, sharing his research and expertise. Holding an MBA from Smurfit Business School, a B.Sc. from TU Dublin, and diverse diplomas, Malcolm serves on the board of ISPE and mentors in the UCD MBA program.

A dedicated family man and accomplished athlete, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to both professional and personal spheres.