Kaustubh joined KPC in March 2022 and currently works with us as a junior CQV engineer.

Hi Kaustubh, can you tell us about your career journey with KPC so far?

I was hired by KPC as a graduate CQV engineer in March 2022 after graduating from the University College of Dublin. At the start, it was challenging to make documents as a graduate. Still, with continuous support from the team lead, senior engineers, and project manager, I was able to generate documents from scratch.

During this time, I was also given a mentor who helped me understand how to write protocols. During the execution of protocols, I was also introduced to GDP (Good Documentation Practice) during one of the graduate training sessions, which helped in understanding GDP a lot better.

After completing the work on the equipment, I was also given opportunities to work with other workstreams like Downstream, QC, and Benchtop. You can switch to other workstreams with KPC to get experience working with that equipment. As well as this, new opportunities to work on automation software like DeltaV, PLC, Pi, etc., were also provided.

What has made you want to continue your career journey with KPC?

The reasons that make me want to stay with KPC are an excellent work environment, excellent communication between everyone on the team, from the project manager to graduate engineers, and everyone respecting each other no matter their position or role in the company.

What has been the most rewarding part of your time with KPC so far?

I’ve been provided with excellent mentorship and exposure to the Biopharma industry by KPC management, in addition to professional development support. There is a very good work-life balance, as well as company gatherings and events. Team leads also encourage us to stay healthy physically and mentally.

What have been some of your highlights so far with KPC?

My highlights so far include arranging events like cooking competitions, charity partner events, BBQ parties, and Christmas parties. Employee appreciation, flexible work time, and best-in-class professional support from everyone on the management team. There are also one-to-one sessions conducted every week between the team lead and employee where we can discuss any challenges we are facing.

How would you describe KPC as an employer?

KPC has an excellent management team who knows nearly all the problems faced by a graduate and how to tackle them. KPC sponsors visas for employees who require work visas to stay in Ireland. Finally, KPC has the strictest policy against bullying, harassment, etc., which helps safeguard employees. Moreover, they have excellent projects worldwide, and multi-lingual and multicultural colleagues are the icing on the cake.

Working with KPC means working on some of the most challenging but rewarding pharmaceutical and biotech projects across the world, and supporting the industry’s best-known companies to make life-changing products for patients. 

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