The KPC service is to support our clients in getting their product to patients.

KPC Engineers & Scientists are highly experienced professionals that can facilitate client success  by developing a project/start-up execution strategy, driving all stakeholders towards a common goal in a cost effective and time efficient manner. We do this in 2 ways:

Managed Projects

We can take on and deliver the entire scope of work that is required.

Some of the projects we have delivered on:

  • C&Q, Start up and Project Management of Biotech CMO facility in Hungary
  • Pre-commissioning & project management of an Antibiotic Manufacturing facility UK
  • C&Q and Project management of a biotech facility in Switzerland
  • Delivery of a site Strategic Plan for CMO in the US
  • C&Q and Project Management of Packing and Warehouse Facility in UK
  • Delivery of Shipping Validation Global Standard Ireland

We can manage and execute projects in a range of areas on the client’s behalf. Using our KPC Project management processes we can bridge the gap between the client and other third parties, ensuring expectations and schedule certainty is met.

KPC International offer our expertise in a wide range of services:

Programme & Project Management

Commissioning, Qualification & Validation

Tech Transfer and Operational Readiness

Quality & Compliance

Consultancy/Seconded Services

We also support our clients through the provision of individual experts in a range of areas.

Some examples:

  • Provision of C&Q and Project engineers to support client led projects
  • Provision of CIP /SIP Engineering experts for consultancy
  • Provision of GDP and Shipping validation consultants
  • Provision of Validation and Compliance Specialists
  • Provision of Tech Transfer Specialist for international client support