Whether you are working from home or in an office it is important to have your work station properly set up for your health and safety. Here at KPC International we are committed to our employees safety and health and have created this blog on the importance of setting up and how to set up an ergonomic home office.

Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

A study carried out by The Washington State Department of Labour and Industries reviewed 250 ergonomics case studies to reveal the impact and benefits of ergonomics within the work place.

1. Improved Productivity

The study found that productivity improved by 25% by using Ergonomic solutions. . The workstation becomes more effective when it is designed to allow for good posture, less exertion, less movements, and better heights.

2. Employee Engagement

Poor ergonomics result in depressed and fatigued employees who do not perform at their best. When a job task is too physically demanding for a worker, they might not be able to complete it as well as they were trained to. The study found a 67% average reduction in error.

3.Reduction in musculoskeletal disorders

The study found a 59% reduction of musculoskeletal disorders and a 65% average reduction in incidence rate.

4. Creates a better work environment

Here at KPC International the health and safety of our employees is a core value of the company. With this information we want our employees to be safe and healthy and to create a safer and better work environment at home or in the office.